Welcome to the newest version of Happy Catholics. This is actually the 4th iteration of the site. We started out with just a html-based template, but then after using WordPress blogging software for my other projects, I decided I wanted to use it for Happy Catholics as well. Luckily, at the time, there existed a WordPress based version of the same design, so it didn’t take too much work to convert everything over.

But as time went on and the sales of our designs on CafePress increased, I wanted a design that would highlight them more. A month or so ago I tried out a new template design and was well on my way to getting everything converted over to the new look, but I just wasn’t satisfied with how the new template handled certain things. Then I came across Cumulus, the template the new design is based on, and realized it was much like the one we just had but made the handling of images easier.

So there we have it. With the new design in placed, I feel inspired to start blogging again and get some fresh content up for you. Our sales on CafePress have gone very well over the past year and a half so I will be updating you on that as well as rolling out some fresh designs so stay tuned for that and more.

Comment below to let us know what you think of our new look.