I did a bit more work on the site today, polishing things up in a few pages. Because I had a couple of iframes on pages, I have been carrying along a few plain html pages along the way with each new site design, just modified enough to still keep the look of the site template. I was all set to do that again, but then I realized that despite everything looking fine in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, no matter what I did, I could not get the iframes to center align in Firefox. So after checking to make sure it would work, I have moved those iframes onto actual WordPress changes. The result of which is that the two subpages of our Gift Shop now have new addresses:

That just leaves one page not actually built inside WordPress: Our CafePress Store. It is powered by a program called cpshop, and despite lots of searching and reading, I’ve never quite figured out how I could get that content into WordPress in an easy way. I did spend some time working on the header and footer of that page today and am quite satisfied with the results, though. I don’t think if I hadn’t told you that you would ever know it was not an actual WordPress page.

Well, let me know if you do see anything buggy and don’t be surprised to see little things changing here and there as I continue to polish this up.